Engineering design for civil and piping constructions has been one of our expertise that attracted many suitors. We also work with and provide top notch consultants. By combining science and idea, we cover meticulous engineering for foundation, steel structure, building and piping.

Procurement activities are one of the vital elements in constructions. A simple is calculation of time in material and equipment delivery can harm any solid project schedule. We put our monitoring procurement task to even the most difficult test . This subtle awareness of business is elevated to another level, as we inspect every material purchasing, fabrication, shop testing up to packing and shipment. We do every single step ensuring every materials and equipment are in accordance with the approved technical specifications, and provided with the appropriate Mill certificate and Test reports.

EPTCO has been extending its high level of competence in managing transportation services, mobilization and demobilization materials, plant and equipment to any destination within Indonesia Island or as required by our clients. No shipment is too small, even if it’s a simple package, we will render the same quality of service. Our involvement is from planning stage, fleet survey conducted by well known and client’s approved surveyors , proper packing, insurance coverage up to structural set up and ensuring safe arrival at final destination.

EPTCO pride itself in precise monitoring system. From detailed project plans, monitoring to error identification and corrective action carried out , every step of every project. With this set views on achieving perfection, our team has remain evermore solid and most definitely qualified to give out outstanding work performance.

Operations in engineering and construction encompass maintenance , manpower supplies, and general services. Things that interweave and bring magic into projects. Our staff have growing , top of the field insight into providing valued clients with their goals. For over 20 years , we have learned from and work with the very best. This has establish EPTCO as the think tank of excellent minds and committed team of people.