"EPTCO continuously develop and provide high-quality human resources to ensuring the needs of manpower are fulfilled based on the client’s or project’s requirement. This has been proved by EPTCO on its previous and current projects in Indonesia"

Human Resources Support

Human Resources Department at Eptco Jakarta have a function and continuous coordination to support the existing department at each project of Eptco Dian Persada and ensuring the needs of manpower are fulfilled based on the site requirements. In its capacity as Human Resources to continuously develop high-quality resources thoroughly ensuring the work performance by each department at project locations in accordance with the implementation of ISO quality management system.

Human Resources Department of Eptco Dian Persada have been performing manpower requirement in very selective way to ensure with supply of potential candidates before the user conducting interview and final selection. As fulfillment of our commitment in giving job opportunity equally, we are also hiring local people where Eptco Dian Persada project is being undertaken. This has been proved by Eptco Dian Persada both on its previous and current projects in Indonesia.

Seconded Expatriate and National Service
PT Eptco Dian Persada can provide a legal method to which foreign organization can second expatriate personnel in Indonesia including national personnel. We are able to either source expatriate and national personnel to accept existing employment for our client and the user. The individual would then be seconded back to client as the user under a contract, which states specific job requirements and the duration. The mechanism in providing this service is as follows.
A contract is established between the client as the user and PT Eptco Dian Persada thereafter authorizing PT Eptco Dian Persada to employ selected expatirated and national personnel and second them back to the client. This contract will be duly signed and registered with all necessary Indonesian Government departments.
For expat formality, PT Eptco Dian Persada to issue a sponsorship letter to the appropriate embassy prior to mobilization from the point of originin to Indonesia including all permits relating to visas, work permits before, after and during expat personnel working in Indonesia will be practically arranged and settled by PT Eptco Dian Persada.
The client nominates all employment conditions including salry, reponsibilities, location and duration upon which PT Eptco Dian Persada then issue an employment agreement to the individual. As such, the individual will become an employee of PT Eptco Dian Persada who is then seconded to the client. In general for placement on the jobsite responsible for provision of accomodation, messing, work tools, personal protective equipment and transportation.
For legitimate permits of expat personnel, PT Eptco Dian Persada undertakes all government liason (Immigration, Police, Taxation etc) to provide the indvidual covering personal accident (workder's compensation), emergency medical (including evacuation cover) and third party liability insurance.
PT Eptco Dian Persada payroll the individual of which includes salary calculation and compliance to all taxation requirements transferring of the net salary into the employee's nominated bank account. Calculation can either be based on a standard monthly amount or via authorized time sheets and checked with the taxation department at the end of financial year who will also issue an Annual Taxation certificate.
Our Process - Database Search
This approach is often used for positions where our client have already required to PT Eptco Dian Persada and we search candidates through extensive network or database. Interviews take place, reference cheks are completed and a decision to make an employment offer is made and our process includes:
  • Taking a candidate and job brief from you and outlining an agreed timeline to have a shortlist of candidates presented to you.
  • PT Eptco Dian Persada will develop and lodge a brief internet advertisement on our website www.eptcogroup.com
  • PT Eptco Dian Persada will formally acknowledge receipt of candidate applications.
  • Immediately, we will interrogate our candiddates database, conduct telephone screening interviews and forward suitable candidates to you.
  • We will then provide you with CV's and cover notes for those we have identified as suitable.
  • At this stage your interviews will occur which we can arrange at your request.
  • On your request we will conduct reference checks, for those identified by you as suitable for a site visit to your organization.
  • PT Eptco Dian Persada will formally advise those candidates who are unsuccessful throughout the process.
  • Those candidates who passed and are selected according to client's decision will be arranged to undergo medical check up as a condidtion of pre-employment process after all the terms and conditions mutually agreed.

Recruitment Methodology:
Recruitment Methodology

Grow and Share Experience Along With the Implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

In line with the growth and sharing of experiences and related to the process of defining vision and mission of Eptco Dian Persada in policy and quality objective that are expected to firm, Eptco Dian Persada is also committed to developing quality management system which has been approved by ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Eptco Dian Persada to implement ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in all business processes in which our main goal is to consistently make continuous improvements and increased client satisfaction can be achieved on target.

In applying this quality management system, Eptco Dian Persada has a high dedication and commitment to the process of continuous improvement in:
  • To provide satisfaction to our clients
  • To develop quality resources in professional manner
  • Provide materials and products only from selected suppliers
  • Comply with legislation and other related requirements
  • Communicate existing legislation, regulations and policies of the quality of all employees and other stakeholders
  • Implement and develop the quality management system with truthfully, accurately and consistently.