"controlling the impact of our project on the environment is our primary goals"

Environmental Policy

PT.EPTCO Dian Persada recognize the importance of safe guarding the environment wherever its conducts its activities. It undertakes to continually seek to improve its operating procedures and equipment in line with the following Environmental Policies:
  • It will observe all applicable environmental, health, hazardous material transportation and similar laws and regulating. Every employee is expec ted to carry out the spirit as well as the intent of is policy.
  • All new operations or changes to existing operations will address any possible adverse environmental impact prior to their implementation.
  • Protection of employees, the public, client and the environment is the prime consideration.
  • The line management responsible for Operations will assess the environmental impact of all materials currently used or proposed for use in operations.
  • The use of materials which are of a hazardous nature to the individual employee, public at large or the environment will be minimized. Such materials should be replaced, wherever possible, with alternative materials of an environmentally friendly nature.
  • The line management responsible for operations will control, wherever feasible, waste generation and onsite disposal together with toxic and criteria pollutant emissions.
  • Work will be planned in such a way that spills and unintended releases will be avoided.

Line managers will promote environmental concern among employees and generate an awareness of the impact to their activities on the environment. They should encourage employees to identify and promptly communicate environmental matters of concern to senior management or the safety and environmental group.

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